The Collision of Early Christianity and Judaism in Revelation 11

Logos Bible Software has published my ThM thesis, which I wrote as a student at Duke Divinity School, as an electronic book. I am happy to say that you can pre-order The Collision of Early Christianity and Judaism in Revelation Chapter 11 now on the Logos website! 

The book started from my interest in the Book of Revelation’s purpose as a pastoral letter in the first century. I was intrigued by this topic when I came across the work on Revelation by Richard Bauckham, David A DeSilva, and the lectures of Sean McDonough while I was at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. In the thesis, I explored the possible situation facing the churches in Smyrna and Philadelphia. I argued that the Christians in those churches experienced opposition in one form or another from the local synagogues. You may remember that its was those churches that received unrestricted praise from Jesus in the messages addressed to them at the beginning of the letter. 

With the thought in mind that Revelation is a pastoral letter in the form of Jewish apocalyptic literature, I argue that the cryptic narrative of the two witnesses in chapter 11 actually actually a depiction of churches’ plight and future hope. 

I hope that the e-book version of my thesis can be a nice and concise (only 70 pages) resource for seminary libraries to have available for master students. Pastors and Christians who are interested in figuring out what to do with Revelation 11 also might find it helpful. Although some of the commentators suggest a connection between Revelation 11 and the messages, my thesis went a little more in depth in exploring that question. 





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