Joel Green to edit the NICNT

I sometimes get asked what I think is the best bible commentary series. I really don’t have an answer because it depends on what you are looking for and the quality of the author of a particular volume. Some great series like Anchor Bible and ICC have some of the best commentaries you can get on a particular book of the New Testament (Marcus’ Mark in the AB or I. Howard Marshall’s Pastoral Epistles in the ICC), but have volumes that really need to be updated.  One of the best series though is Eerdmans’ New International Commentary on the New Testament. Its New Testament volumes include some important works: Fee’s First Corinthians, Moo’s Romans (even though I think chaps 2-3 are a nightmare), and France’s Matthew. I think the NICNT  does a great job of combining scholarly rigor that takes a balanced critical approach, and it is actually useful for the general reader.

According the Scot McKnight’s blog, Eerdmans has announced that Joel Green is taking Gordon Fee’s place as the editor of the series. Green teaches at Fuller Theological Seminary and wrote the series’ commentary on the Gospel of Luke which I used in seminary.  With Green as the new editor the NICNT series should continue to be one of the best commentary series for studying the New Testament.


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