David Bentley Hart on the Infinite and Peace

Just started David Bentley Hart’s The Beauty of the Infinite: The Aesthetics of Christian Truth. He concludes the first part of his introduction with this:

I shall argue that it is possible to see vast portions of Western philosophy, from antiquity to the present, as moving within the confines of two ontologies – two narratives of being – which are really only two poles of a single ontological vision, whereas the church’s story of being – arising from Scripture and its own understanding of what has been revealed in Christ – is simply alien to the world this vision descries. And nowhere does this difference appear more starkly delineated than in the understanding of the infinite that becomes possible (indeed necessary) within Christian thought; the Christian infinite belongs to an ontology of or final and ultimate peace, and as a consequence allows a construal of beauty and of peace inconceivable in terms of the ontology that Christian thought encountered first in various schools of pagan metaphysics, and encounters, and encounters again in the thought of Nietzsche and his heirs.” 

….this is going to be good.


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